Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Is an innovative solution that replicates the appearance of Thicker, Fuller hair. Pigment is added to the skin with micro-fine needles to create thousands of tiny impressions, giving the illusion of hair. This affordable solution can be used to enhance existing hair restoration or provide an alternative to individuals who want a nonsurgical treatment suitable for all types of hair loss.


Whether you have long hair, short hair, thinning hair or a visible scalp, SMP can provide the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair. SMP can provide definition for full front, side and rear hairline as well as restore a front hairline for full or partially bald heads.


SMP is an effective camouflage to conceal scars, whether from a prior surgical procedure, accident, burns or birthmark. While men are afforded the ability of hair transplant, many women are not. Scalp Micropigmentation provides the appearance of a fuller head of hair and is great for hiding patches where the Scalp may be visible though the hair.



✔ Men & Women wanting the appearance of added hair density

✔ People with shaved heads that desire hairline definition

✔ Alopecia suffers & People with medical conditions such as Thyroid disorders who lose hair

✔ Those who want to conceal burns, scars or birthmarks

✔ Non-candidates for hair transplants

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