Hair Replacement Systems

In recent years, non-surgical hair replacement systems have emerged as a great alternative to invasive and painful surgical procedures and they now are gaining huge popularity among people struggling with hair loss. Our hair systems for men are the perfect choice if you want a full head of hair without undergoing painful surgery. we care deeply about people battling hair loss whatever their circumstances.

Our systems come in 3 different base types:
Skin, Lace, Hybrid

Our systems have 2 different adhesive options:
Strip or Liquid adhesive

BEFORE you decide to start your hair replacement journey, you should ask yourself, is this sustainable for me. What if my hair system only lasts 2 months? Can I afford to replace it. What if I can’t afford coming in for the maintenance visits, or what if there are scheduling conflicts that get in the way, am I able to do this at home on my own. Are my expectations realistic? If you’re ready to move forward please thoroughly read below.

Hair systems FAQ’s

How long does it take to get the hair?
Most Hair Systems can be delivered in 7-10 days. Custom systems can take up to 3 months. This all varies based on your system type and color.

What if I live out of Austin?
Many travel to get this service done. I would recommend doing a virtual consultation, to avoid making the trip twice. During your visit we will go over self maintenance and at home care. However when you need a new system you will have to make the trip again.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the manufacture you choose, hair systems range from $290-$500.

We charge $625 for the initial hair system installation, haircut, and the first reapplication & the take home maintenance package. The systems I use last between 2-6 months (sometimes more).
Re-Application cost ranges from $65-150 depending on how often you come in. Application times vary but most last between 2-4 weeks. A lot of clients do their own reapplications.

Does my insurance cover this?
In some cases, your insurance may cover this based on what type of hair loss you are suffering from. The key is to obtain a prescription for a “cranial prosthesis” or the whatever terminology is required by your Health Insurance Provider, from your doctor or physician including the medical procedure code A9282. Make sure the prescription does not say “wig.” A wig is a fashion item and is therefore not medically necessary. Your prescription will include a procedure number/code for your cranialprosthesis that will be used to submit your insurance claim.

How much will it cost me to maintain this?
We fully believe in being transparent with our clients and up front with them about the cost to maintain your hair system life style. When we tell you the life span of a system varies we fully mean that, we get
some clients who only get 2-3 months and others can get 6-8 months out of the same exact system. So I am going to give you 3 different scenarios and you can help decide if this is for you or not!

Client A: might be able to do his own maintenance at home, and only need 2 pieces/year, so he’s only spending $1,315 a year or $3.60 a day.

Client B: might need 4 pieces per year, and come see us once a month for maintenance reinstall and haircut costing him $3,745 a year or $10.26 a day.

Client C: might have to get 6 pieces per year, and come see us
every 2 weeks for a reinstall and haircut costing him $6,365 or $17.44 a day.

Again everyone’s experience is different and these numbers are rough estimates to give you an idea!

Why should I choose this over the surgery?
This is completely up to you, most people would pay endless amounts of dollars to have perfect biological hair, but the reality is, technology isn’t there yet. Maybe one day in our lifetime it will be, but for now this is the best option on the market for a full head of hair. This is instant, guaranteed results, no down time, no pain, no large up front investment. We get loads of clients who have tried all types of other solutions, surgery, hair fiber, propecia, finasteride, led helmets, SMP, and they all say they wish they knew about this before going down those other roads. Think about your life and life style, can you afford this? can you maintain this? are you willing to accept its hair glued or taped onto your scalp?

What is the maintenance like?
Re-Application times vary depending on method of application and person to person. You will have to remove, clean and re apply your system anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks. We do our best to figure out what method gives our clients 3 weeks, which seems to be the sweet spot. If you are planning to do your maintenance at home, tape is typically easier. We have some clients we only see when they need new systems and do their own at home maintenance, others come based on their needs some come every 2/3 weeks, some every 5. Your experience varies based on your expectations, what you are capable doing at home, how often you can get in and your beauty budget. Some people might be able to get 3-4 weeks out of tape while others only get 1-2 weeks using glue, it all varies based on lifestyle and body chemistry.

What is the most natural looking hairline?
The thin skin units in my opinion offer the most natural and undetectable hairlines, however these units typically do not last more than 1-2 months, so be aware before choosing these units that you will need to replace them often. However, if you learn to style the hair properly, you will be able to hide the hairline with the hair helping you feel more at ease while wearing your system.

What base is better for me?

If you’re super active and want the more breathable option than a lace system will be best for you, only if you are using tape or bonding only the perimeter of the unit. The skin units are still breathable, just not a much as the mesh base of the lace units. If you are full bonding (meaning covering the entire scalp) the breathability will not matter. Skin units can often be easier to clean due to the residue not breaking down into the hair on the top of the system. The only thing to consider there is the hairline if you are choosing an exposed hairline. Our preference is Hybrid units because it is just the most breathable in our hot & humid Texas climate while having the durability of the poly systems

What bonding method should I choose?
What method we recommend is based on your life style and scalp health. If you are an avid sweater, or have an oily scalp we likely will recommend a silicone or acrylic based tape or glue. Most tapes we use are hypo allergenic, therefore you will not have any sort of reaction. Water based glues are great and can provide great hold times and easy clean up for those who are not sweating as often and have a scalp that is not oily. Tape will be easier for at home maintenance but glue in my opinion feels the most natural. However, just like base types, each persons preference varies widely and we find that a lot of our clients experiment to find the best fit for them!

Is it itchy?

It can be from time to time, depending on the application method, when the hair underneath starts growing back sometimes this can cause itchiness, but nothing crazy.

Can I shower/Swim?
Yes! Make sure to shower after any type of swimming to keep the hair clean and healthy.

Will the adhesive clog my scalp and break me out?
No, the adhesives are advanced and do not block your follicles or clog your pores. You will continue to grow hair underneath the system without any change to the amount of hair or speed that it grows.

Is it human hair?
YES, each hair system is human hair and is made by hand. It may have synthetic fibers added throughout if there is a high percentage of grey. In some cases, grey hair may be combined with yak hair which is very
human like.

How often do you have to maintain/fix it?
With the adhesive we use, we recommend application every 2-3 weeks. While the tape needs to be adjusted every 1-2 weeks. We personally love the tape adhesive, even if it needs to be reapplied more regularly because its very easy to clean and easy to learn to apply it yourself at home. We are firm believers in empowering our clients to know how to reapply their system on their own

How long does a standard system last?
Our preferred systems last between 3-6 months. A lot of this has to do with your lifestyle and how well you care for your system. If you’re a very active outdoorsy person, expect shorter lifespan of the hair system.

Will people see my hair system?
If applied and maintained correctly, your system will be pretty undetectable. How you style and wear your system also depends, some exposed hairlines will be noticeable to you, but most likely not to others. If you are hiding your hairline there is absolutely no way to tell. Sometimes we are our own worst critic, wear it with confidence, and no one will be paying attention to it.

Is it a lot of work?
Wearing a hair system is like wearing contact lenses… It takes a little bit of practice and getting used to, but once you get the hang of it- it’s very quick and effective.

Bonding Method Pros & Cons:
Tape, can be more resistant to water, humidity and scalp oils, but is much easier for those looking to do their re applications at home. Sometimes if you wear the tape for an extended period of time the breakdown and residue can be extremely hard to clean. Glue, has the most natural feel, can be easier to clean, and in some cases lasts longer. However for those trying to do their own maintenance at home it can be tricky to
deal with and messy.